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Back in 2016, Fansub.TV and Maikuando.TV merged to share upgraded forum software, in short FTV had a great community, and MATV had the software, it made sense to merge. It also made it a lot easier to manage the site(s). Both have been working great using different styles. Now you have the choice to make the site look how you want.

Just press the "Style" button on the far right of the menu bar.

Use default styleThis clears the setting and puts it back to default/normal.
Fansub 2020 - (default light style)Fansub.TV's main style, inspired by the classic pink and white theme of 2010.
Fansub 2020 - MATV BannerSame as Fansub 2020 but with MATV's light logo banner.
Spring for Fansub - BetaInspired by the Spring for Fansub theme used on the WP blogs.
MATV K-On Dark StyleDark K-On theme for based on the 2013 original.
MATV K-On - Full Dark BetaDark K-On theme for but even darker.
Halloween 2020A special theme for Halloween.
Winter ThemeA special theme for Winter/Christmas.

For history, the previous updates are below:

Roll on to 2020, it had been a long good run with IP Board 3.4.x, but it was now well past its lifetime and we needed to upgrade again. The latest IP Board offering was not great for us, yes it is cheaper to renew than move, but moving gives us better software.

The new software can support multiple domains, but in order to have different content or styles, it requires a second license and an add-on, the cost of that is beyond us at the moment, therefore I choose the annoying message and manually clicking to change the style over not upgrading and being stuck on a broken forum where no one can register.

If things pick-up and we get some activity on the forum again, I will buy the extra things needed to make it all seamless again.

A little update, 26 July 2020.
I have also enabled URL canonicalization, this means that now everyone gets redirected to www. fansub .tv, I have done this as it was discovered that google had lots of listings for our site using loads of different domains and frankly it is a right mess - even the sub domains that were just for images etc. That is doing some severe damage to our rankings in search engines, and although this move will harm, it is far better than having the current mess.

Second Update 3rd September 2020.
It would appear that changing the logo only is allowed providing no content is different, therefore I have done so. The style remains a user choice. I have also removed the URL canonicalization as it should not be needed.

Update March 2022
The style has now been set by domain name for guests (anyone not logged in). Fansub.TV will display in the white/pink light theme and will display in the MATV Full Dark theme featuring K-On.
Once logged in, both will default to the white/pink with the option to choose by pressing the 'Style' button on the top right of the menu bar.
The text message adjacent to the main logo has been removed and replaced with the 'Style' button on the menu bar and a new entry under 'Help' linking back to this post.

Update May 2022
The style is now set by domain name for everyone (guests or logged in members) with logged in members now having the choice to choose which style they prefer. By default (if you don't make a choice) Fansub.TV will display in the 2020 white/pink light theme and Maikuando.TV will display in the MATV Full Dark theme featuring K-On.
Once logged in, you have the option to choose by pressing the 'Style' button on the top right of the menu bar, the setting will be saved for future visits. If you wish to clear the setting and put it back to the original, just choose 'Use default'.

With this update, we no longer need the auto switching banner which was often blocked by Adblock, therefore I have also added an MATV variant of the Fansub 2020 theme for those who like MATV in light colours.
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