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Japanese: サクガン
Airing date: 7/10/2021 (Thursday release)
Episodes: 12
Genres: Adventure, Sci-Fi
Studio: Satelight
monsta recommends for: Action and mecha fans

Synopsis: In this world humans live deep underground in various colonies to seek refuge from the dangerous monsters named Kaiju that live within. Hiding and remaining safe is not for everyone though as Memenpu yearns to explore the world outside her colony. When Memenpu receives a map of the underground this is the push that drives her to leave.

Gagumber; Memenpu’s father is aware of the risks of leaving the colony and pleads for her to stay but when a Kaiju suddenly attacks and destroys their colony, he feels that the only way to fulfil her dreams of exploration and keep her safe at the same is to travel with her and see the wider world together!


Thoughts: You know those anime series that have confusing/rubbish synopsis that largely leave you in the dark? That's what I got here and so I effectively went into this one blind and had to piece it together. It was little confusing but the bottom line is Sakugan is an adventure series with our duo being the unusual combo of daughter and father. The daughter Memenpu is a hot headed stubborn but smart loli while the father Gagumber seems like the dumb brute but seems to hide some secrets.

We get plenty of action in this one and with the pair leaving their home colony to see grander adventurers this anime seems to promise better things are to come in the following episodes. It is still early days to make any firm judgements if this is a good or bad show but if you like mecha and action then you may dig this. I would say on the action front the CGI for the monsters are a little suspect but outside those moments the animation generally holds up. I give this a 6.5/10 for now but hope the adventure side of this story adds another dimension to the show.
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